Things I Loved In March

Watching this reaction to a seventy-five cent video game ride in the mall on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

District 9-20140302-00756Watching my girl dancing.

District 2-20140312-00803District 2-20140312-00805Being the first to make footprints at the “Little Park” in the March snow.

District 2-20140304-00776This typewriter. How awesome would it be to bust this out at a Starbucks?

Central Whidbey-20140326-00828Greeting these guys in the evening and telling them to get out of the way so I can get into my house. I won’t lie. I just stood there wondering how I was going to get inside until my friend Laura stuck her head out of her house next door and told those deer to get back in the forest where they belong.

Central Whidbey-20140325-00827Playing some games in House #6 on Whidbey Island.

1507171_10152267115352319_1335127100_n1966961_10152267115342319_1168142377_nLook how stressed out I am, you guys.  I feel like that’s my face all of the ten days I’m at residencies.  Just shock and awe for the duration.

Fun was had in March, and I’m excited about April. This will be the month for flip flops, I’m sure of it.  However, it has come to my attention that I do not own a yellow pair.  I’ll need to take care of that, asap.


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  1. alison says:

    please tell me you bought that typewriter. i know how you love having keys to press down….

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